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OWN Oprah Winfrey Network primetime ratings (May 2-8, 2011)

Mon May 28:00OWN48 Hours: Hard Evidence 0.1159
Mon May 29:00OWN48 Hours: Hard Evidence 0.2255
Mon May 210:00OWNSearching For... 0.2247
Tue May 38:00OWNBabies Behind Bars 0.1154
Tue May 39:00OWNBabies Behind Bars 0.2210
Tue May 310:00OWNAddicted to Food 0.1137
Wed May 48:00OWNTruth Be Told 0.1163
Wed May 49:00OWNTruth Be Told 0.189
Wed May 410:00OWNTruth Be Told 0.174
Thu May 58:00OWNOn The Case 0.1129
Thu May 59:00OWNOur America with Lisa Ling 0.1142
Thu May 510:00OWN48 Hours: Hard Evidence 0.2242
Fri May 68:00OWNSeason 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes0.1167
Fri May 69:00OWNThe Judds 0.1163
Fri May 610:00OWNThe Judds 0.1171
Sat May 78:00OWNExtraordinary Moms 0.3313
Sat May 79:30OWNDocumentary: No Woman, No Cry 0.1117
Sun May 87:00OWNThe Judds 0.2201
Sun May 88:00OWNSeason 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes0.2311
Sun May 89:00OWNThe Judds 0.2288
Sun May 810:00OWNThe Judds 0.4555
Sun May 811:00OWNWhy Not with Shania Twain 0.6839
Source: Nielsen Media Research

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