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Adult Swim ratings for its 9am-3am lineup (August 22, 2011)

DATE TIME DUR PROGRAM HH P2+(000) A18-49 T12-17
Mon Aug 229:0030King of the Hill 0.811610.40.7
Mon Aug 229:3030King of the Hill 0.914130.51.0
Mon Aug 2210:0030American Dad 1.014520.61.3
Mon Aug 2210:3030American Dad 1.215950.61.8
Mon Aug 2211:0030Family Guy 2.028811.22.8
Mon Aug 2211:3030Family Guy 2.232521.53.1
Mon Aug 2212:00a15Robot Chicken 1.217370.81.8
Mon Aug 2212:15a15Robot Chicken 1.014680.61.5
Mon Aug 2212:30a15Aqua Teen Hungerforce 0.913120.61.2
Mon Aug 2212:45a15Squidbillies 0.811860.51.1
Mon Aug 221:00a15Squidbillies 0.810750.51.0
Mon Aug 221:15a15Aqua Teen Hungerforce 0.7 9800.50.9
Mon Aug 221:30a30American Dad 0.913210.71.0
Mon Aug 222:00a30American Dad 1.014430.71.1
Mon Aug 222:30a30Family Guy 1.114780.81.0
HH: Household rating
P2+ (000): Viewers, in thousands, aged 2 years or older
A18-49: Rating among viewers aged from 18 to 49. (Demographic most coveted by advertisers)
T12-17: Rating among viewers aged from 12 to 17.
Sorry, nothing past 3am; Source: Nielsen Media Research

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