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GSN ratings for its 8am-4am lineup (September 5, 2011)

Mon Sep 58:00aGSNNewlywed Game 0.1107
Mon Sep 58:30aGSNNewlywed Game 0.1141
Mon Sep 59:00aGSNNewlywed Game 0.1178
Mon Sep 59:30aGSNNewlywed Game 0.2211
Mon Sep 510:00aGSNNewlywed Game 0.2296
Mon Sep 510:30aGSNNewlywed Game 0.2296
Mon Sep 511:00aGSNNewlywed Game 0.2288
Mon Sep 511:30aGSNNewlywed Game 0.2326
Mon Sep 512:00GSNNewlywed Game 0.2274
Mon Sep 512:30GSNNewlywed Game 0.2329
Mon Sep 51:00GSNNewlywed Game 0.2363
Mon Sep 51:30GSNNewlywed Game 0.2318
Mon Sep 52:00GSNNewlywed Game 0.2328
Mon Sep 52:30GSNNewlywed Game 0.2336
Mon Sep 53:00GSNNewlywed Game 0.3425
Mon Sep 53:30GSNNewlywed Game 0.2369
Mon Sep 54:00GSNNewlywed Game 0.3365
Mon Sep 54:30GSNNewlywed Game 0.3376
Mon Sep 55:00GSNNewlywed Game 0.3362
Mon Sep 55:30GSNNewlywed Game 0.3397
Mon Sep 56:00GSNLingo (Engvall) 0.2316
Mon Sep 56:30GSNBaggage 0.2280
Mon Sep 57:00GSNNewlywed Game 0.2323
Mon Sep 57:30GSNBaggage 0.2326
Mon Sep 58:00GSNWho Wants to Be a Millionaire? 0.2270
Mon Sep 59:00GSNDeal or No Deal 0.2350
Mon Sep 510:00GSNFamily Feud (Karn) 0.3402
Mon Sep 510:30GSNFamily Feud (O'Hurley) 0.3373
Mon Sep 511:00GSNNewlywed Game 0.2200
Mon Sep 511:30GSNBaggage 0.2224
Mon Sep 512:00aGSNDrew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza 0.1155
Mon Sep 512:30aGSNFamily Feud (O'Hurley) 0.1189
Mon Sep 51:00aGSNFamily Feud (Karn) 0.1193
Mon Sep 51:30aGSNBaggage 0.1163
Mon Sep 52:00aGSN$25,000 Pyramid 0.1156
Mon Sep 52:30aGSN$100,000 Pyramid 0.1135
Mon Sep 53:00aGSNCard Sharks (Eubanks) 0.1136
Mon Sep 53:30aGSNCard Sharks (Perry) 0.1133
HH: Household rating
P2+ (000): Viewers, in thousands, aged 2 years or older
Source: Nielsen Media Research

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