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Adult Swim ratings (May 30-June 5, 2011)

DATE TIME NET PROGRAM HH P2+(000) A18-49 T12-17
Mon May 309:00ADSMKing of the Hill 0.712100.40.7
Mon May 309:30ADSMKing of the Hill 0.712070.50.8
Mon May 3010:00ADSMAmerican Dad 1.217530.71.5
Mon May 3010:30ADSMAmerican Dad 1.521581.01.8
Mon May 3011:00ADSMFamily Guy 2.131011.32.7
Mon May 3012:00aADSMRobot Chicken 1.723891.02.1
Mon May 3012:15aADSMRobot Chicken 1.521660.92.0
Mon May 3012:30aADSMAqua Teen Hungerforce 1.217240.71.6
Mon May 3012:45aADSMSquidbillies 1.115060.61.5
Mon May 301:00aADSMSquidbillies 0.913430.61.3
Mon May 304:00aADSMThe Mighty Boosh 0.710980.61.0
Tue May 319:00ADSMKing of the Hill 0.913210.40.7
Tue May 319:30ADSMKing of the Hill 1.014720.60.8
Tue May 3110:00ADSMAmerican Dad 1.318930.71.5
Tue May 3110:30ADSMAmerican Dad 1.723810.91.9
Tue May 3111:00ADSMFamily Guy 2.132181.42.6
Tue May 3111:30ADSMFamily Guy 2.232781.52.5
Tue May 3112:00aADSMRobot Chicken 1.419810.91.9
Tue May 3112:15aADSMRobot Chicken 1.216720.71.9
Tue May 3112:30aADSMAqua Teen Hungerforce 1.014200.61.4
Tue May 3112:45aADSMSquidbillies 0.912580.51.1
Tue May 311:00aADSMSquidbillies 0.811650.51.0
Wed June 19:00ADSMKing of the Hill 0.5 6940.20.7
Wed June 19:30ADSMKing of the Hill 0.710380.40.9
Wed June 110:00ADSMAmerican Dad 1.218280.71.6
Wed June 110:30ADSMAmerican Dad 1.623130.92.1
Wed June 111:00ADSMFamily Guy 2.333461.53.0
Wed June 111:30ADSMFamily Guy 2.433501.52.8
Wed June 112:00aADSMRobot Chicken 1.420560.91.7
Wed June 112:15aADSMRobot Chicken 1.115930.71.6
Wed June 112:30aADSMAqua Teen Hungerforce 0.912710.51.2
Wed June 112:45aADSMSquidbillies 0.811150.50.9
Wed June 11:00aADSMSquidbillies 0.710210.40.9
Thu June 29:00ADSMKing of the Hill 0.811030.30.7
Thu June 29:30ADSMKing of the Hill 0.912260.41.0
Thu June 210:00ADSMAmerican Dad 1.116570.61.5
Thu June 210:30ADSMAmerican Dad 1.318190.61.7
Thu June 211:00ADSMFamily Guy 1.927321.22.6
Thu June 211:30ADSMFamily Guy 1.927231.22.6
Thu June 212:00aADSMChildren's Hospital 1.215360.71.4
Thu June 212:15aADSMEagleheart 0.912080.51.0
Thu June 212:30aADSMAqua Teen Hungerforce 0.811290.51.0
Thu June 212:45aADSMSquidbillies 0.811130.51.0
Thu June 21:00aADSMSquidbillies 0.811250.50.9
Fri June 39:00ADSMKing of the Hill 0.915010.50.6
Fri June 39:30ADSMKing of the Hill 0.915110.60.6
Fri June 310:00ADSMAmerican Dad 1.322230.81.5
Fri June 310:30ADSMAmerican Dad 1.524000.91.9
Fri June 311:00ADSMFamily Guy 1.929201.12.5
Fri June 311:30ADSMFamily Guy 2.031971.32.6
Fri June 312:00aADSMRobot Chicken 1.521250.81.6
Fri June 312:15aADSMRobot Chicken 1.318890.81.3
Fri June 312:30aADSMAqua Teen Hungerforce 1.116030.70.9
Fri June 312:45aADSMSquidbillies 1.013110.60.6
Fri June 31:00aADSMSquidbillies 1.012980.60.8
Fri June 34:00aADSMThe Mighty Boosh 0.910370.41.0
Sat June 49:00ADSMVenture Brothers 0.813920.30.8
Sat June 49:30ADSMKing of the Hill 0.813000.40.7
Sat June 410:00ADSMKing of the Hill 1.015310.51.2
Sat June 410:30ADSMFamily Guy 1.321160.71.6
Sat June 411:00ADSMThe Boondocks 1.217580.61.6
Sat June 411:30ADSMThe Boondocks 1.116590.61.5
Sat June 412:00aADSMBleach 1.016040.61.6
Sat June 412:30aADSMKekkaishi 0.914040.51.4
Sat June 41:00aADSMFull Metal: Brotherhood 0.812770.51.2
Sat June 41:30aADSMFooly Cooly 0.610610.50.8
Sat June 42:00aADSMCowboy Bebop 0.5 7920.40.6
Sat June 42:30aADSMCowboy Bebop 0.4 6340.30.5
Sat June 43:00aADSMGhost in the Shell: 2nd Gig0.46110.20.5
Sat June 43:30aADSMGhost in the Shell: 2nd Gig0.35050.20.5
Sat June 45:30aADSMInuyasha 0.45920.30.5
Sun June 59:00ADSMKing of the Hill 0.811980.30.9
Sun June 59:30ADSMChildren's Hospital 0.6 8030.20.7
Sun June 59:45ADSMEagleheart 0.4 5000.10.5
Sun June 510:00ADSMKing of the Hill 0.812370.50.9
Sun June 510:30ADSMFamily Guy 1.218310.81.5
Sun June 511:00ADSMFamily Guy 1.729331.32.1
Sun June 511:30ADSMRobot Chicken 1.320380.91.7
Sun June 511:45ADSMAqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 1.116570.81.3
Sun June 512:00aADSMSuperjail 0.913000.61.1
Sun June 512:15aADSMSquidbillies 0.810170.50.9
Sun June 512:30aADSMMary Shelley's Frankenhole0.78590.40.7
Sun June 512:45aADSMMoral Orel 0.6 8600.40.7
Sun June 51:00aADSMThe Oblongs 0.7 8680.40.8
Source: Nielsen Media Research

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