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Adult Swim ratings (May 9-15, 2011)

DATE TIME NET PROGRAM HH P2+(000) A18-49 T12-17
Mon May 99:00ADSMKing of the Hill 0.810160.30.6
Mon May 99:30ADSMKing of the Hill 0.810500.40.8
Mon May 910:00ADSMAmerican Dad 1.216040.71.4
Mon May 910:30ADSMAmerican Dad 1.420600.91.7
Mon May 911:00ADSMFamily Guy 1.826321.22.3
Mon May 911:30ADSMFamily Guy 2.129621.42.3
Mon May 912:00aADSMRobot Chicken 1.419240.91.6
Mon May 912:15aADSMRobot Chicken 1.216480.81.4
Mon May 912:30aADSMAqua Teen Hungerforce 1.114990.71.1
Mon May 912:45aADSMSquidbillies 1.014360.61.1
Mon May 91:00aADSMSquidbillies 0.913420.61.1
Tue May 109:00ADSMKing of the Hill 0.913530.40.7
Tue May 109:30ADSMKing of the Hill 1.015080.50.8
Tue May 1010:00ADSMAmerican Dad 1.520750.81.6
Tue May 1010:30ADSMAmerican Dad 1.724051.01.9
Tue May 1011:00ADSMFamily Guy 2.131651.52.3
Tue May 1011:30ADSMFamily Guy 2.333461.62.3
Tue May 1012:00aADSMRobot Chicken 1.621621.01.7
Tue May 1012:15aADSMRobot Chicken 1.418360.91.5
Tue May 1012:30aADSMAqua Teen Hungerforce 1.215990.71.3
Tue May 1012:45aADSMSquidbillies 1.113740.61.2
Tue May 101:00aADSMSquidbillies 0.911960.61.0
Wed May 119:00ADSMKing of the Hill 0.6 8790.30.5
Wed May 119:30ADSMKing of the Hill 0.912930.51.0
Wed May 1110:00ADSMAmerican Dad 1.217100.61.5
Wed May 1110:30ADSMAmerican Dad 1.420270.91.6
Wed May 1111:00ADSMFamily Guy 2.130311.42.7
Wed May 1111:30ADSMFamily Guy 2.028011.22.4
Wed May 1112:00aADSMRobot Chicken 1.317820.71.8
Wed May 1112:15aADSMRobot Chicken 1.216400.71.5
Wed May 1112:30aADSMAqua Teen Hungerforce 1.014190.61.3
Wed May 1112:45aADSMSquidbillies 0.911810.51.1
Wed May 111:00aADSMSquidbillies 0.810910.41.0
Thu May 129:00ADSMKing of the Hill 0.810540.40.6
Thu May 129:30ADSMKing of the Hill 0.810580.40.7
Thu May 1210:00ADSMAmerican Dad 1.115500.61.4
Thu May 1210:30ADSMAmerican Dad 1.216630.71.6
Thu May 1211:00ADSMFamily Guy 1.825801.22.2
Thu May 1211:30ADSMFamily Guy 2.029061.42.3
Thu May 1212:00aADSMEagleheart 1.216560.81.5
Thu May 1212:15aADSMChildren's Hospital 1.012720.51.2
Thu May 1212:30aADSMAqua Teen Hungerforce 0.911100.41.1
Thu May 1212:45aADSMSquidbillies 0.910670.41.1
Thu May 121:00aADSMSquidbillies 0.810010.40.9
Fri May 139:00ADSMKing of the Hill 0.810530.40.5
Fri May 139:30ADSMKing of the Hill 0.813060.40.9
Fri May 1310:00ADSMAmerican Dad 1.319720.71.7
Fri May 1310:30ADSMAmerican Dad 1.724240.93.0
Fri May 1311:00ADSMFamily Guy 2.130551.22.7
Fri May 1311:30ADSMFamily Guy 2.030141.22.2
Fri May 1312:00aADSMRobot Chicken 1.622780.92.0
Fri May 1312:15aADSMRobot Chicken 1.419500.82.0
Fri May 1312:30aADSMAqua Teen Hungerforce 1.217160.72.0
Fri May 1312:45aADSMSquidbillies 1.115180.61.8
Fri May 131:00aADSMSquidbillies 1.014400.61.6
Fri May 134:00aADSMSealab 2021 1.012790.51.3
Fri May 134:15aADSMHarvey Birdman 1.012130.51.3
Sat May 149:00ADSMVenture Brothers 0.5 7990.20.5
Sat May 149:30ADSMKing of the Hill 0.6 9770.30.7
Sat May 1410:00ADSMKing of the Hill 0.812700.40.6
Sat May 1410:30ADSMFamily Guy 1.322080.81.6
Sat May 1411:00ADSMThe Boondocks 1.116740.71.2
Sat May 1411:30ADSMThe Boondocks 1.115810.71.2
Sat May 1412:00aADSMBleach 1.013640.51.3
Sat May 1412:30aADSMKekkaishi 0.811800.51.0
Sat May 141:00aADSMFull Metal: Brotherhood 0.811890.51.0
Sat May 141:30aADSMFooly Cooly 0.7 9990.41.0
Sat May 142:00aADSMCowboy Bebop 0.6 7740.30.9
Sat May 142:30aADSMCowboy Bebop 0.5 6620.20.8
Sat May 143:00aADSMGhost in the Shell: 2nd Gig0.56620.30.6
Sat May 143:30aADSMGhost in the Shell: 2nd Gig0.56980.30.6
Sun May 159:00ADSMGod, The Devil, and Bob 0.6 8730.20.6
Sun May 159:30ADSMKing of the Hill 0.710060.40.9
Sun May 1510:00ADSMKing of the Hill 1.014460.61.0
Sun May 1510:30ADSMFamily Guy 1.318870.81.5
Sun May 1511:00ADSMFamily Guy 1.928501.22.5
Sun May 1511:30ADSMRobot Chicken 1.522561.02.1
Sun May 1511:45ADSMAqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 1.217980.71.7
Sun May 1512:00aADSMSuperjail 1.014800.61.4
Sun May 1512:15aADSMSquidbillies 0.913120.51.2
Sun May 1512:30aADSMMary Shelley's Frankenhole0.811320.41.1
Sun May 1512:45aADSMMoral Orel 0.811310.51.0
Sun May 151:00aADSMThe Oblongs 0.710550.41.0
Source: Nielsen Media Research

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