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OWN Oprah Winfrey Network primetime ratings (May 9-15, 2011)

Mon May 98:00OWN48 Hours: Hard Evidence 0.1169
Mon May 99:00OWN48 Hours: Hard Evidence 0.2257
Mon May 910:00OWNWhy Not with Shania Twain 0.3334
Tue May 108:00OWNOur America with Lisa Ling 0.2231
Tue May 109:00OWNDocumentary: Becoming Chaz 0.5705
Tue May 1010:30OWNThe Doc Club with Rosie 0.3428
Wed May 118:00OWNPrison Wives 0.2241
Wed May 119:00OWNPrison Wives 0.2215
Wed May 1110:00OWNPrison Wives 0.1145
Thu May 128:00OWNDr. Phil 0.1214
Thu May 129:00OWNWhy Not with Shania Twain 0.2233
Thu May 1210:00OWNThe Judds 0.2217
Fri May 139:00OWNDocumentary: Becoming Chaz 0.3351
Fri May 1310:30OWNThe Doc Club with Rosie 0.2257
Sat May 148:00OWNSay Yes to the Dress 0.1169
Sat May 148:30OWNSay Yes to the Dress 0.2236
Sat May 149:00OWNSay Yes to the Dress 0.2270
Sat May 149:30OWNSay Yes to the Dress 0.2315
Sat May 1410:00OWNWhy Not with Shania Twain 0.2359
Sun May 157:00OWNThe Doc Club with Rosie 0.1157
Sun May 158:00OWNSeason 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes 0.4509
Sun May 159:00OWNWhy Not with Shania Twain 0.3349
Sun May 1510:00OWNWhy Not with Shania Twain 0.4545
Source: Nielsen Media Research

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