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Late night programs on cable (April 25-26, 2011)

DATE TIME NET PROGRAM HH P2+(000) A18-49 A25-54
Mon Apr 2511:00CMDYDaily Show with Jon Stewart 1.116090.70.7
Mon Apr 2511:31CMDYColbert Report 0.811410.50.5
Mon Apr 2511:00E!Chelsea Lately 0.6 8200.50.4
Mon Apr 2511:00TBSConan 0.7 9100.50.4
Mon Apr 2512:00aTBSLopez Tonight 0.4 4900.30.2
Mon Apr 2511:00BETMonique Show 0.4 5890.20.2
DATE TIME NET PROGRAM HH P2+(000) A18-49 A25-54
Tue Apr 2611:00CMDYDaily Show with Jon Stewart 1.115700.70.7
Tue Apr 2611:31CMDYColbert Report 0.911840.50.6
Tue Apr 2611:00E!Chelsea Lately 0.7 8950.50.5
Tue Apr 2611:00TBSConan 0.4 5280.20.2
Tue Apr 2612:00aTBSLopez Tonight 0.3 4080.20.2
Tue Apr 2611:00BETMonique Show 0.6 9020.40.3
Source: Nielsen Media Research

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